Unnoticed Art at Platform Athens

Unnoticed Art will be presented at Platforms Project, Athens, Greece.
May 20 – May 25 2017

Open Call for small artworks!
In the best traditions of unnoticed art we will present an empty gallery. Our three staff members will wear a casual jacket and by showing the inside of this jacket a collection of art works will be presented to randomly selected individual passers-by. Your work can be part of these special exhbitions.
Send us one to three small (crafted or ready-made) pieces of art, texts, photo’s or drawings.
There will be a selection procedure, so sending us a work is no guarantee it will be added to the show.

Max.size of each piece:
50x85x10 mm,
Max. weight:
80 gr.
Important: Your work must be acceptable for police, for customs and it should fit the standard flight regulations. It will be transported in hand-luggage.

Send your piece(s) to:
222lodge-Unnoticed Art
Singel 222
3311KV Dordrecht
the Netherlands.

Deadline is May 13 2017 at 23:59 h
The list of included works will be published on this page at May 15.